PPP Advisor Pro Guaranty

At Upside Financial, our only goal is to maximize the forgivable amount of your PPP loan. When you work with our advisors, we’ll certify the calculated amount of eligible forgiveness on your PPP loan forgiveness application that our advisors have approved for filing. If the amount actually forgiven is lower than the calculated amount we certified because of any error by us, we’ll cover the difference and refund you our service fee.  Further, if permitted, we will file an amended forgiveness application for you at no additional charge.

any new interpretation, new rule or any other change made or announced by the government including the Small Business Administration after the date of our certification that affects either your eligibility for forgiveness or the amount of forgiveness to which you are entitled;

any inaccurate information or incomplete information provided to us by you; or 

any other reason other than Upside Financial’s error.